Bible Questions Answered

Bible Questions Answered

Do you have questions about God, about the Bible, about salvation, about heaven, about hell, about death and suffering, about evolution and creation, homosexuality, abortion, piercings and tattoos, gambling or the use of alcohol?  Or you may have questions about cults like Mormonism (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), Jehovah’s Witnesses, Emergent/Emerging theology, recent spectacular “revivals,” TV evangelists, the separation of church and state, the Christian and politics and more.

Can a Christian believe in evolution?  Can a Christian be a Democrat?  Can a Christian be a homosexual?  Is America a Christian nation?

It is so important that we are able to get answers to our questions, but those answers must come from God and must be found in the Bible.  So please use our Contact links or the Prayer Request Page and send us a private email, and we will answer you.  If we are unable to provide a suitable answer to your question, we will provide links to reliable sources where you can get a trustworthy answer.

Above all else, read and study your Bible and ask God for guidance and understanding.  Be sure to use a modern translation in our language, e.g. The New International Version, the New American Standard Bible, the English Standard Version, the New Living Translation or the Holman Christian Standard Bible.  The Amplified Bible is also good.  A parallel Bible in three or four translations is great as well.  We have a parallel Bible in the King James Version, the Amplified, the New American Standard and the NIV.  It is best to avoid The Message, because that is not a translation, but a paraphrase written by only one man. is an excellent online Bible site that has many translations and enables you to look up one word or a passage.

May God bless you as you enter into the adventure of your life – getting to personally know the Creator of the universe and the Savior of men’s souls, the Lord Jesus Christ.