Church of the Nursing Home

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What is The Church of the Nursing Home?  Well, it’s like this.  David and Patricia traveled quite a lot for about 14 years, ministering in 27 states.  But as time went by, the price of diesel fuel went up, making travel with a fifth wheel camper too expensive.  So we have stayed closer to home the last two years or so.  Staying closer to home, we increased our Border Collie population to eight and began adding ducks to our menagerie so we could have our own farm-fresh eggs.  The duck family increased to twenty “quackers” – so between the dogs and the ducks, it has been even more difficult to leave home for more than a day.

In February, 2009, Patricia felt like we should start ministering more to our two nursing homes in town, so David called them to see if they needed someone to come on Sunday mornings.  Lo and behold, BOTH nursing homes had been looking for someone for months.  God had it waiting for us!

So we bought a small sound system (really small) and began providing Sunday morning church for both nursing homes, one at 9:00 and the other at 10:30.  We sing and play seven or eight hymns and choruses, David preaches the Word for twenty minutes or so, then we have “puppy time” with two or three of our dogs.  It works really well and the people love it.  We have congregations of around forty people at both places.  Some people like to hold a leash (with a dog on it) and some like to pet a dog during the service.  Many express their gratitude for the message and the music.

Those dear, dear people have truly become our congregations and we think of them as our “church.”  Of course, we know the church, according to the Bible, is ALL believers in Jesus who have been born again through faith in Jesus.  And that brings us to our real purpose in ministering to the nursing home residents – it is our prayer and hope that some will be saved.  And some have been.  But many of those dear people are in their last months or days – no one knows for sure – and are not ready to meet the Lord and need to be saved.  Some of the staff need to be saved as well.  So we faithfully and clearly share God’s plan of salvation every Sunday in hopes of seeing God’s eternal family increased, one soul at a time.