Creation Science Weekend

Creation Science Weekend

Lakeview Farm Creation Science Weekends
“Child-like Faith” Lessons for Homeschoolers

Reverend David and Patricia Pence, Hillsboro, Illinois, have been blessed by the Lord with an unusual but really nice home on nearly 3 acres of woods.  We have dedicated our home for the Lord’s work, and as such, we invite home-educated families to come to our home on Lake Hillsboro to enjoy a Creation Science Weekend. 

We are avid supporters of homeschooling and like to encourage homeschooling families whenever we can.  Sadly, our American society, in large measure, is hostile to families with more than two children and hostile to homeschooling.  Our experience has been that large families that homeschool receive a double dose of prejudice, even though they have a double dose of blessing. 

As many of you know, American public schools, colleges and universities are hostile to biblical creation and/or intelligent design.  Any other theory of origins other than Darwinian evolution is rejected and those who question evolution as true science are discriminated against.  We desire to help parents and their children embrace the reality and truth of God’s Word so all will be equipped to face a world determined to turn them away from God and a life of holiness. 

To accomplish this, we use wonderful creation science videos, seminars and PowerPoint presentations to strengthen and extend our understanding of biblical truth and the science behind biblical creationism.  The Bible, God’s Holy Word, is the foundational absolute authority behind everything we teach and present.

Facilities include a two-bedroom guest apartment, The Elisha Room, which is separate from our main living area and will sleep up to six – two parents and four children.  For families with more than four children, we have a very nice fifth wheel camper under the same roof that sleeps four.  When appropriate, parents and smaller children may have the camper and older children can have The Elisha Room.

We try to keep the cost reasonable by asking guests to provide for their own meals at local restaurants, of which there is a good selection.  Participating guests are asked to contribute $50.00 plus $2.00 per person for room and the seminar, which begins Friday evening at 7:00 and concludes at 4:00 PM Sunday afternoon. 

Since we have eight Border Collie therapy dogs, who love people and are very sociable, guests should be dog friendly.  Please do not bring your own dog(s) as it will cause a lot of disruption.  Sometimes exceptions can be made when cleared in advance. 

The Seminar Schedule is: 

Friday, 7:00 PM: Arrival and check in.
           8:00 PM: Introductory movie and social time.

The rest of the weekend is casual, with the guests determining how many sessions they want, keeping in mind their desires for a relaxing, recreational family outing combined with an exciting learning experience.  Weather permitting, short field trips and hikes are also available.  There is good fishing at the lakes, license required; please bring your own gear.  We have a canoe you may use at your own risk, but please bring life vests for your children; we have three adult vests.  Bring outdoor clothing that will protect from branches and brambles, and shoes that can get muddy.

 A purely teaching weekend schedule could look like this with modifications possible:

 Saturday – Breakfast on your own

                 10:00 – Session One

                 11:00 – Session Two

                 12:00 – Lunch on your own

                   2:00 – Session Three

                   3:00 – Session Four

                   4:00 – Session Five

                   5:00 – Break for Supper

                   7:00 – Evening Session

                   8:00 – Popcorn and Fellowship

 Sunday –  Breakfast on your own

              10:30 AM – Worship at a church of your choice.  Pences lead worship
at two nursing homes every Sunday.  You are welcome to join us.

               12:00 – Lunch on your own

                 1:00 – Session Seven

                 2:00 – Final Session Question and Answer Time

                 3:00 – Check out and goodbyes.   


Sessions will be 30-40 minutes long on average, with time for discussion and breaks.

“It’s Designed to Do What It Does Do” by Buddy Davis.  Creation Musical Adventures, Disc 2.  Answers in Genesis, 2003