I Don’t Care About Jesus

I Don’t Care About Jesus

Long ago, in the early 1700’s, the early settlers and inhabitants of America were becoming dissatisfied with the way King George of England was running things and affecting their rights to live life the way they wanted to in this new land.  Eventually, a coalition of influential men joined together to discuss what could be done about the situation, and a new nation, The United States, was born out of their efforts.  These men, the Founding Fathers, developed a new system of government called a Constitutional Republic, and wrote a document defining the operation of that system.  That document is our Constitution.

The Constitution prescribes a system of government that is the best in the world.  If adhered to faithfully and honestly, it works really well.  The problem is, people are required to implement and operate that system, and that is where trouble enters the picture.  We are all selfish and self-serving to some degree, so over the years, the original plan developed by the Founders has been altered and corrupted.  Does that mean the original plan was bad and should be discarded or ignored?  No; it is still a good plan that will work wonderfully well if adhered to. 

That story is just an example or analogy to bring me to the statement some people make about Jesus, God and the Bible.  Some people say they don’t care about Jesus or want anything to do with “church.”  One of the major reasons for rejecting the Bible and all that stems from it is perceived hypocrisy in the church.  And they are right.  There is a lot of hypocrisy in the church.  But if we follow that line of reasoning, “throwing the baby out with the bath water,” we would throw out our Constitution because “it isn’t working any longer.”

Just as people have imposed their own beliefs and motives on the Constitution, so also, people have imposed their own opinions and beliefs on the Bible and “church.”  The result is a contorted, twisted, corrupted version of the Original.  What some people observe and experience with church is not the true picture.

Would you agree that to be fair, before one judges, condemns and rejects the Constitution of the United States, he should take time to investigate and study the original Founders, the authors, to learn what their intent was?  As a rational, thinking person, I’m sure you agree with me.  In the same way, then, it is wise to do the same with the Bible and its author, God, and His Son, Jesus Christ.  One cannot make a fair, informed decision without approaching the subject with as unbiased an attitude as possible.  We cannot be completely unbiased because our opinions have been formed over a period of years by a variety of means and are usually deeply ingrained in our way of thinking.  But if we are aware of that at the outset, then we stand a better chance of approaching the Bible objectively.

So maybe the real issue here is not so much that you don’t care about Jesus, God or the Bible, but that you don’t really know enough to have a solidly formed opinion based in truth.  The solution is to get a Bible in a good, modern translation that is in our current heart language – the English you speak on a daily basis – and read it.  There are several to choose from: The New International Version (1984), The English Standard Version, The New American Standard Bible (1995), The New Living Translation or The Holman Christian Standard Bible.  Those Bibles are accurately translated from the most trustworthy sources and are in the modern vernacular.  Take your time and give it a fair chance.  Keep in mind that the Bible is actually like a beautifully woven tapestry, full of colors and patterns, but with a central theme running throughout.  See if you can discover that theme.

I recommend you start this way: The book of Genesis; then The Gospel of John in the New Testament portion and read all the way to the end of the Bible.  Then return to the Old Testament to the book of Exodus.  Read back and forth between the Old and New Testaments, keeping in mind the entire Bible is God’s Word.

Now do yourself a favor and get started on what could be the greatest adventure of your life.  I know it has been and still is for me.  I pray it will be for you as well.  And don’t forget to write…  I’m always available to help you with questions.

With the affection of Christ,