School Assemblies


“Paw Prints Puppy Programs” is a 45-minute assembly program featuring the eight Border Collies of David and Patricia Pence.  The Pence’s cute, cavorting canines have brought joy to people of all ages in several states here in the Midwest, performing in schools, retirement and nursing homes and churches. 

 A “Paw Prints” program includes a variety of tricks and stunts, student participation and an emphasis on positive behavioral values you strive to instill in your student body. Our Border Collies – Rufus, Molly, John, Matthew, Phebe, Daniel, Gracie and Shechem – have a way of winning students’ hearts and attention, and a “Paw Prints” presentation will be long remembered by all.

 There can be more than the assembly program if you would like.  Molly is a fantastic Frisbee dog who never tires of chasing the flying disc, and Rufus, John and Phebe have their love for the sport as well.  If your school has a large playground or sports field that is fenced and safe from street traffic, we can take classes outside for the students to take turns sending Molly and the others after the Frisbee.

Since our dogs are actually a family – Rufus and Molly are the parents – they provide the format to talk about the reason and value of “family rules.”  This concept is expanded to the “school family” and its rules, then to society and its rules, easily transitioning to “choices have consequences.”  Choosing to participate in addictive behaviors leads to tragic consequences.