Three-fold Therapy Ministry

 SoftFire Therapy Ministry

Music Therapy: David and Patricia provide familiar, fun, inspiring, uplifting, entertaining music for people to either listen to or participate in by singing along. They do this through their professional quality instrumental musicianship, playing more than eight woodwind and brass instruments – a “Two Person Band.” Music is a valid therapeutic practice with value for a variety of physical, mental and emotional conditions, and the Pence’s music addresses some of those needs. Some of the Pence’s programs include PowerPoint with song lyrics, scripture and beautiful photos.

Christian Spiritual Therapy: Spiritual therapy has value for treating the whole person – heart, soul, mind and strength. David is an ordained minister of the gospel, and provides messages and teaching from God’s Word, the Bible, to encourage people in their Christian faith. Many residents of senior care facilities can no longer attend worship services at their home church, and many of them have difficulty reading due to vision or attention span limitations. David and Patricia bring “church” to them, reading directly from the Scriptures with insights and devotional thoughts included, showing how these timeless truths can be applied to our thoughts, attitudes and actions while providing encouragement for what God has planned for them beyond this life.

Pet Therapy: Animals have a wonderful therapeutic effect on people of all ages. Residents of senior care facilities have had pets of their own but can no longer keep a pet. The Pences have eight loving, gentle Border Collies that emote a sense of peace and calm to people. Some of them also have cute tricks they can perform. The dogs are content to lie at someone’s feet with the person holding a leash, or they lie in a chair on a dog bed next to someone who would like to pet them.

Pet therapy has been shown to diminish physical pain, reduce boredom, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure and just plain old make people happy. Seniors who own dogs go to the doctor less often than those who don’t. In a study of 100 Medicare patients, even the most highly stressed dog owners had a 21 percent lower level of physician contact than non-owners. Medication costs dropped from an average of $3.80 per patient per day to $1.18 per patient per day when nursing homes allowed for pets to be introduced into patient’s environments. Research has shown that within minutes of petting a dog, humans and dogs alike experience massive release of such beneficial hormones as prolactin, oxytocin and phenylethylamine. (Source:

SoftFire can be reached at David and Patricia Pence, 800 City Lake Road, Hillsboro, IL 62049; Phone: 217-532-2859; Email:; Website: