Train Ride Across America


Train Ride Across America

Travel with David and Patricia across America the Beautiful, from sea to shining sea, as we board the “A Train” in San Francisco for a fun and entertaining musical Train Ride Across America, complete with a gorgeous slide show.  Stops along the way include the Grand Canyon, a Texas Ghost Town, New Orleans, St. Louis, the Bible belt, Disney World, our nation’s capitol, New York City and Gettysburg National Battlefield Park.  You’ve seen the movie, “Around the World in 80 Days;” join us as we travel “Across America in 80 Minutes.”  It’s nostalgia all the way as we roll down “memory lane.”

The Pences are multi-talented, not only singing, but also instrumentally.  David plays clarinet, soprano, alto and tenor saxophones and Irish penny whistles and a few more.  Patricia lends her talent to the brass family, playing trumpet, pocket trumpet, flugelhorn and French horn.  They have been ministering to people of all ages since 1994 in the areas of music therapy, spiritual therapy and pet therapy – they have seven beautiful, sweet Border collies who love people.



Some responses to the program:

“Thank you so much for coming today! The residents really turned out to see your program. Fabulous program, great pictures and music.

What an enjoyable afternoon!! And all in time for the 4th of July holiday. Perfect!”

May God bless you always!

Thank you again!

The Glenwood



You guys must have done an absolutely amazing job Saturday night!! That’s all the residents have talked about this morning! Thank you again so much for coming to play for us!!”


The Villas at St. James

“We’ve never had a program this good before!”  “Why did you stop so soon?  It should have been longer.”  “I’ve been to a lot of those places.”  “I was there and took a picture of that.” – Comments from various audience members.